Tuition & Expenses

Tuition & Expenses

The International Yoga Studies teacher training is a mentored, “out-of-walls” type of education similar to the doctoral programs in schools like Oxford. This one-on-one guidance style offers the students that important ancient yoga teaching style of connected direction, one person to advise and assist. This style of program also offers students the freedom to pursue and tailor their studies to their own interests (within the structure of the basic program).

IYS has direct contact with its students through the "mentoring" process and occasional Intensives. Although students study with a variety of teachers to complete their program, they are typically 'mentored' by one teacher who assists them in their direction and choices. This mentor/teacher is assigned after the Induction Process, which takes place after acceptance into the program. IYS does not offer all of the workshops that students take to complete their teacher training programs. Each program is designed and implemented by the student who selects where, when and how they want to focus their study.

Students meet with their mentors and use the phone and email to stay in communication about their questions, progress, direction, and guidance. 
The IYS program offers the students a way to learn from the best teachers in the world and to select those teachers because the required classes can be taken anywhere the teaching is excellent. 
Typically the full program takes 4 years to complete.

  • Induction Process Fee:   $603   One-Time Fee
    If student has all the necessary papers and information, the Induction Process can be completed in 2-3 hours.  If more than 2 hours is required for the Induction because all needed records are not brought to the IP appointment then additional time and fees will be scheduled.

  • Required IYS 4-Day Intensive Training:  $621-$798
    These yearly Intensives are how IYS meets with its student regularly and how some required courses are delivered.

  • Administrative Tuition Fees:   $504 Yearly Fee
    Administrative Tuition is paid from the first day of the month that the student is admitted into the International Yoga Studies Teacher Certification Program.

  • Final Exam, Dissertation, & Diploma fee:   $252 One time fee

  • Private Tutorial and Internship Hours: Varies
    (priced at the mentoring teachers hourly rate)
    *** Work Study in only available to a few students in their fourth year of the program.


•Workshop Fees other than the IYS yearly Intensives.

•Travel, food, accommodations for any away Workshops and Intensives.

•Educational Needs: Books, paper, telephone time, yoga mat, etc..

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